All criminal-related matters… from misdemeanors to murder….. from Municipal Courts to the Supreme Court.

I have been practicing criminal law in Ohio and particularly, Northeast Ohio, for 25 years.

If you are under investigation, arrested or indicted, you need someone who is very familiar with and experienced in that part of Criminal Justice System that you are involved with, be it a Municipal / Suburban Court , County Court or State Court ( Justice Centers generally ).

Would it be to your advantage to have a Lawyer who has worked in and has extensive experience on the side of the law that is now prosecuting you ?

Would it be to your advantage to have an attorney who is extremely familiar with the law, the various prosecuting attorneys and judges and the system in which your case will be heard and discussed or tried ?

Initial consultations are generally at no cost and my fees are generally "flat fees" that you will know up front, rather than hourly. It would probably be to your advantage to speak with me, sooner, rather than later, when it may simply be too late. (216) 227-9000

John Reulbach
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