The Criminal Justice System is complex ! Experienced and competent legal guidance is CRITICAL, as early in the process as you can get the advice, guidance and counsel.

Your Lawyer needs to know the law and his way around the Courthouse: Why John Reulbach is the lawyer for your legal counsel.

You will need an Attorney to negotiate with the Prosecutor’s Office … or to try your case to a Judge or Jury, if you need to be found “not guilty” .

John Reulbach

Even misdemeanors can result in jail, probation (for up to five years ) and various other sanctions. You can lose your Drivers License in certain cases, or your car or truck.

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• If you, a friend or family member needs legal guidance or legal representation – you need to call me, at (216) 227-9000

• If you have been charged, arrested, indicted or accused ( or you know that you are under investigation ) CALL ME !!!!

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